TOP DRAWER MEDIA: Strategic Media Planning & Buying


"Although we work with a global media agency in the US, we have stayed with Top Drawer in Canada because of their fantastic client service and care for our business. Steven Aronovitch, who leads the agency team, acts like a partner and goes the extra mile to ensure we get both great rates and great thinking."

— Brent Mallard, Callaway Golf

CHALLENGE Callaway Golf Company is a hugely popular international sporting goods company that designs, manufactures, and sells golf equipment, accessories and lifestyle products, with a very strong presence in Canada. For 2014, Callaway Golf Canada had set ambitious goals to increase business share and customers. Their advertising approach was heavily rooted in a fundamental desire to support print – particularly golf magazines. But sales had plateaued and the customer base they needed to meet targets simply wasn’t growing.

INSIGHT Top Drawer Media’s research uncovered a significant decline in overall golf magazine readership. While this was an important discovery, we still needed more evidence to substantiate a recommendation for a game-plan change. We needed to know exactly which customers Callaway was missing out on, and how those customers could be best reached.

Leveraging our syndicated research tools, we discovered that Callaway’s print-heavy approach was indeed failing to reach the segments they would need if they wanted to reach their new targets. The Avid Golfer, for example, was 62% more likely to view golf-related content on their mobile devices; in addition, we also saw mobile being an effective means to hone in on and reach Callaway’s major competitors.
PLAN AND EXECUTION Supported by our solid evidence, we gained buy-in from Callaway on a plan to reallocate a substantial portion of their print media mix to digital media. Our campaign diverted 50% of the dollars previously spent on print to a comprehensive mobile media program. Our tactical plan was built around key seasonal timing windows – particularly during major golf tournaments. We used the ideal spectrum of digital tactics, including programmatic display, geo-fencing key retail, premium whitelist sites (particularly those with strong golf content), pre-roll, and retargeting.
RESULTS A hole in one! Callaway Canada exceeded their sales plan and were recognized globally as a Callaway Gold Standard Market for these efforts. With the proven success of the digital media approach, Callaway Canada has expanded campaign approaches into the digital medium, with continued success year over year.