TOP DRAWER MEDIA: Strategic Media Planning & Buying



Cookie-cutter media plans are a myth, and anyone who tries to sell you one doesn't have your business needs in mind. We start at the beginning with each new client to gain a deep understanding of their core audience. From there, it's about reaching that audience in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible, because every cent counts. That's what we're about.

  • Insights (derived from research)
  • Solution-focused (in-depth recommendations)
  • Testing (validates)
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There’s no absolute approach to building a media strategy because every brand is unique. Our in-house media team follows a rigorous and solution-focused research process leveraging internal proprietary data alongside the best syndicated research tools. The critical insights we generate are specific to our clients, informing the comprehensive strategies we design and augment.

  • Multi-tier (digital, social, broadcast, gis, print and out-of-home)
  • Canada and U.S. (national, regional and local)
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The great thing about our media planning and buying model is that it’s seamlessly woven into our research and strategy process. There are no third-party obstacles causing slow leaks to our clients’ budgets. We plan and buy everything in-house, across all media platforms, which means a win for our clients translates to a win for our media team.

  • Below market rates
  • Experienced team
  • Leverage volume
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The stark reality of the vast majority of media agencies across Canada is that rate negotiation is a missed opportunity. Our decidedly aggressive approach wouldn’t be possible without the advantage an in-house media team affords us – we have skin in the media game! Our high-profile media relationships garner big savings for clients – savings that ultimately filter back into the pockets of our clients.

  • Benchmarked rates
  • Finding inefficiencies
  • Detailed next steps
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Our media team loves a challenge! Let us run your current media plans through our human-powered audit machine and we’ll come back with recommendations for cutting media inefficiencies, renegotiating rates, and redeploying savings back into your bottom line – where they belong.

  • 20+ years’ experience
  • Canada and U.S.
  • Ideation (bring new ideas and perspectives to retail media)
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We’re proud of our broad, extensive résumé of retail experience and we love repurposing our in-house library of knowledge and category experience to optimize client media plans and buys.